Parkour Foundations

Ages: 14 - 70+

Prerequisites: NONE

2017 Dates: 

  • Apr 1, 8, 15 (Saturdays, 10 - 11:30am)

  • May 6, 13, 20 (Saturdays, 10 - 11:30am)

Price: $90* (3 weeks)

*Includes Day Pass access to the BKBS facility after class.

The "Parkour Foundations" program is a 3-week course that is designed to function as an introduction to parkour training.  The progressive curriculum introduces practitioners to the various basic movement and displacement techniques used in parkour, from jumping techniques to climb-ups, from rolls to wall-runs.  In addition to the physical training, these sessions also focus on introducing the "spirit" of parkour training, with sections covering the history and evolution of the discipline from its inception in France in the late 1980's as well as the core "pillars" of parkour and the philosophy behind the training.

The program is spread over 3 weeks to give participants maximum time to process the information covered in the sessions and get comfortable with the techniques.  While participants are welcome to join the weekly adult classes at any point, this program is specifically designed to be the keystone of a solid foundation for a long and sustained practice.  Upon completion of the Parkour Roots program, participants will be ready to seamlessly integrate into the regular PkGen Boston classes.  Participants that complete the full program will also be eligible for discounted pricing on monthly memberships and special events.

Who should take this? Anyone that is interested in trying parkour for the first time, but isn't sure where to start.  

This class is NOT strictly limited to beginner practitioners.  Practitioners that have specific gaps in their training or want to break down specific movements on a more detailed level than afforded in the regular classes are encouraged to participate in this class as well.

Introductory Price: $90 (3 x 90min sessions)  Note: All indoor parkour classes held at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville also include a day-pass to the facility for use after the class.