Indoor Class (Everett)

Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Ages 6-13

Fall '17 Season $156 (9/14 - 12/14, 13 weeks)

Drop in: $15

This class is for children of all ability and fitness levels, and will include instruction in the basic movements and techniques of parkour, as well as exercises designed to improve general fitness and ensure the long-term practice of parkour. Classes will focus on exploring and moving within one’s environment and will include a number of games, exercises, and drills to improve balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness, and flexibility while having fun. All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches.

What to bring:
- Comfortable athletic clothing
- Water bottle
- A small bag if necessary (Note: Parkour Generations Americas: Boston takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of items)