50+ INDOOR (Arlington)

Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Ages 50+

Location: Arlington High School (The Pit, bottom floor)

Price: Drop-in: $20 / Full Season (Below) / Monthly 50+ Explorer

Fall '19 Season: 10/1 - 11/26

You may know parkour for its high-flying flips and big jumps. In this transformative course, parkour principles are used to help active aging adults become physically stronger and mentally confident as you move through your world.
Under the guidance of trained and supportive coaches from Parkour Generation Boston, you will improve your balance and agility with low-impact moves. Learn how to avoid falls, or how best to fall if it happens, how to turn obstacles into opportunities and how to incorporate functional fitness into your everyday movements. Sessions are open to those age 50+ of all abilities and fitness levels—from beginners just off the couch to seasoned athletes—all taught in a safe and positive environment. Moves will be modified for all levels and abilities.

A class designed for practitioners with "more life experience" (age 50+) that are interested in getting the fitness and agility benefits of parkour training without some of the higher-impact movements of our regular classes.  These classes are designed for participants with a wide range of physical and fitness backgrounds- from the first time off the couch in years, to the seasoned weekend triathlete.  All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches and include a combination of instruction in the movements and techniques of parkour, conditioning and strengthening exercises aimed at general fitness and the long-term practice of parkour, and a combination of exercises, routes and drills with the aim of providing a great (and fun) workout for any fitness level.

What to bring:
- Water bottle
- A small bag if necessary (Note: Parkour Generations Boston takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of items)

Classes will start promptly so plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early.