Advanced Adult/Teen Class (Somerville)

Mondays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Ages 14 - 70+

Invite Only

Drop in: $14

This class is specifically tailored to participants that are ready physically and mentally to bring their training to the next level.  


  • Participants must have attended at least 3 PkGen Boston classes (in Boston or at other branches)

  • Participants must pass a basic "assessment" to earn an invite to the class

All participants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Balancing on railing at head height (walking forward/backwards)

  • Pull-up (chin above the bar, no kipping)

  • Rail precisions at waist height

  • Top out on a wall from a cat hang using only hands and feet

  • Comfortable with a wide range of basic vaults and parkour techniques

  • Additional elements will be added by assessing coach

What to bring:
- Weather-appropriate clothing (This class will run regardless of the weather- rain, sleet, snow, sun- be prepared)
- Water bottle
- A small bag if necessary, although you should be able to jog with it (Note: Parkour Generations Boston takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of items)

Classes will start promptly so plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early.