Homeschool Class (Somerville)

Thursday 11:00am - 12:30pm (4-5 week blocks)

Dec '18 Block: 4 weeks, 11/29 - 12/20

Jan '19 Block: 5 weeks, 1/10 - 2/7

Ages 6 - 13

5-week block $100, 4-week block $80

Drop in: $25

NOTE - This class requires a minimum of 5 registrations to run past the first class.

This class is for children (ages 6-13yo) of all ability and fitness levels, and will include instruction in the basic movements and techniques of parkour, as well as exercises designed to improve general fitness and ensure the long-term practice of parkour. Classes will focus on exploring and moving within one’s environment and will include a number of games, exercises, and drills to improve balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness, and flexibility while having fun. All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches.

What to bring:
- Comfortable athletic clothing

- Small  (healthy) snack-  no candy, soda or energy drinks!
- Water bottle