ADVANCED KIDS (Somerville)

Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm (Every week, ALL year)

Ages 8 - 13 Instructor Approval Required (ask your coach how to join)

Location: Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

Price: Drop-in $20 / 10-pack $180 / Monthly Memberships Available

This class is designed to push more advanced students to a higher level.  Students should be comfortable with the basic techniques of parkour, have a strong work ethic and desire to train hard, and have a mid-high level of physical conditioning (to be assessed by a PKGB instructor).  Students must have participated in a previous PKGB classes, event, or workshop AND have received an invitation from one of the coaching team. Mental and physical challenges will be given on a regular basis to foster teamwork and self-confidence and students will learn about more advanced parkour techniques and their applications in the ever-changing "Parkour Zone" at BKBS.  

Participation in this class also grants access to the "Monkey Squad" a select group of PKGB students from around Greater Boston that are invited to special PKGB events and workshops that are not normally open to kids.

All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches.

What to bring:
- Comfortable athletic clothing
- Water bottle

Requirements for Advanced Kids Class

  • Between 8 - 12yo

  • Attended at least 2-3 kids classes with PkGen Boston

  • Candidates must be able to complete 90% of the physical & technical requirements.

Physical Requirements

  • 1+ x Pull-up (from dead hang)

  • 10 x Push-up

  • 25 x Squat

  • 100m of QM (forward & Backward) without standing up or sitting down

  • Hang from a bar for 30s (hands only)

Technical Requirements

  • Basic Vaults (Step, Lazy, Turn)

  • Cat Leap + Climb-up

  • Lachee-precision

  • Balance along 7’ rail forward (2 out of 2 times)

  • Rail precision

  • Basic Roll

  • Additional elements will be added at the discretion of the supervising coach