Know your Kicks

In the parkour community we tend to be a bit nerdy about our shoes. Often those are the only things separating us from our environment so we want to make sure that we trust our kicks. Now to get nerdy…

What we look for in a shoe?

Inexpensive: Since you'll probably only have one pair to start with you'll put a lot of wear on it.  Most pairs last for 3-9 months, depending on how hard you train in them.

Simple sole: the less little knobs and glued bits of rubber on the bottom of the shoe the better.  Most of the shoes below have one piece, or have been tried and tested to react well to wear and tear.

Flexible: You want a sole that can flex and bend so that you can land lightly on the balls of your feet.  Super thick soles (cushioned running shoes) can absorb shock but aren't great for "touch" or soft landings.

Thickness: Generally thick soles aren't great and thinner soles allow for better "touch" and greater foot strength.  New practitioners especially are advised to start with thin shoes to build foot strength and good habits.


York Athletics - The Henry

Local, stylish, versatile- that’s why it’s our current favorite.

Durability: 5/5 - Long-lasting and well worth the investment.

Grip: 5/5 - One piece sole, sticky and durable rubber that is good on a variety of surfaces- especially rails and in wet weather. Good tred pattern.

Touch: 4/5 - Flexible sole that is a bit thicker than a minimalist shoe but flexes well

Style: 4/5 - Basic options, looks clean, versatile. Limited Color palate.

Versatility: 5/5 - One of the highest performers based on the fact that you can go for a run, do big drops, and then go out on the town all without having to change your kicks. Ultimate travel shoe.

Price: 3/5 - Definitely on the higher side but sales are frequent occurrance if you aren’t picky about the color.


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