What to bring

So you've decided to come to class, but don't really know what to bring.  Here is a basic guide to what we suggest.

  • Waiver - Everyone that takes one of our classes is required to fill out a waiver. The easiest way to do this is sign up for the class on our registration page. If the class isn't on there or you can't figure out the site, you can prepare ahead of time and fill out and bring a hard copy of the waiver HERE. Note that participants under the age of 18 may be required to have a paper copy signed by a guardian if their online profile is not totally complete with "ICE - In Case of Emergency" info & contact.

  • Comfortable athletic clothing - This is entirely up to you. Sweatpants, leggings, baggy's, track bottoms, tights, shorts, your favorite onesie, etc- whatever you feel most comfortable training in. We recommend that your attire doesn't limit your ability to move or have loose ends that may get caught.

  • Footwear / Shoes* - Are a huge topic of debate in the parkour community and the list is constantly being updated. General guideline is that they should be comfortable, able to be tightened (no clogs or Crocs), and have a good grip on the bottom. Running or skating shoes are usually the "gateway shoe" and then people will find something more specialized from there.

  • Water Bottle - Most indoor classes have access to water fountains but we recommend bringing a water bottle to cut down on the time it takes to run over or line up.

  • Small Bag - For any valuables or gear that you don't want to keep on you during class. (PKGB is not responsible for any lost or damaged items)

Additional suggestions for outdoor classes:

  • Weather appropriate layers - We run our outdoor classes rain, shine, sleet, snow, hail, etc so dress accordingly. We highly recommend having multiple layers as you may want to add/remove them over the course of the class.

  • Small Bag - Make sure that you're able to run/move with all of your stuff as our outdoor classes tend to move around a lot.

*Note: We welcome people that are accustomed to training barefoot, but we may ask you to demonstrate your ability to move comfortably on multiple surfaces before participating in a class barefoot. Since our outdoor classes take place in a variety of terrain, we highly recommend having some sort of protection for the sole of your foot.