Breaking the Jump - Julie Angel

The definitive history of parkour from the beginnings to recent history.

Parkour Roadmap - Max Henry

This traces the more recent history of parkour, picking up from Breaking the Jump and tracing the evolution through viral videos and social media.

Parkour & l'Art du Deplacement - Vincent Thibault

A unique perspective on the ADD side of training and philosophy.

The Parkour & Freerunning Handbook - Dan Edwardes

One of the first books ever written about parkour, and still a great resource for those starting out!

Parkour Strength Training - Ryan Ford

An extensive and detailed guide to using parkour training elements for strength & conditioning.

Cine Parkour - Julie Angel

The first detailed history of parkour written by a “neutral source” that talked with most of the parties involved.

Natural Born Heroes - Chris McDougall

Parkour within the context of our natural evolution and capabilities.

Born to Run - Chris McDougall

Closely related to parkour and the catalyst for the barefoot running movement.


District B13 - The first time parkour hits the big screen internationally.

Casino Royale - The first major blockbuster to spread parkour around the globe, often the (only) point of reference of parkour for people.

Yamakasi - The first time parkour hits the big screen in France.

Brick Mansions - The American adaptation of District B13… because Hollywood.