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Sébastien Foucan USA Tour - Boston

  • Somerville High School (map)

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Sébastien Foucan is coming to the US thanks to a collaborative effort by a Parkour Generations Americas, American Parkour and Parkour Visions. Each stop on the tour will feature a workshop, training time with Seb, a Q&A session, and time to interact with one of our discipline's original founders.

From the origins of Parkour rooted in France, leaping over to the United Kingdom where he branched out and created Freerunning, Sébastien Foucan’s life has always been about movement. He was alongside the other Yamakasi in the banlieues of Paris, where they adapted obstacle courses to urban environments, turning “parcours du combattant” into the discipline we now know as parkour. 

After moving to London, Sébastien further developed the practice by imbuing it with a new philosophical approach, as well as the term "Freerunning", which was coined while filming the documentary Jump London to present Parkour to the English-speaking world. In Sébastien’s words, Freerunning is: "Finding your own way, not necessarily the same as anyone else's or one that has been defined previously. [...] It’s using the environment and expressing yourself, which means you can do anything you feel. It's part of you. You can do flips, tricks, swing, anything that is creative and feels beautiful - it's more my way. It's freedom of expression for me.” 

Sébastien has played an instrumental role in raising the international awareness of the discipline, both on and off the screen. He became known in the United Kingdom with the documentaries Jump London (2003) and Jump Britain (2005). and brought parkour to a truly international audience with his famous chase scene through a construction site while being chased by Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006).

SUNDAY (5/20) 
10am - 12pm Open Workshop (All Abilties & Ages 10-70+)
12pm - 1pm Q&A Session (All Abilities & Ages)
2pm - 4pm Extended Training (Monthly Members Only, Adults & Teens ages 14-70+)

- Intro games and icebreakers
- Interactive workshop & training: a journey through the core of the discipline, its roots, and exploring “the essence” that is at the heart of Parkour. 
- Practice and Explanations: Focus on the 3 main forms of the Seb’s training and philosophy- (Trekking, Sparring, Expression), their evolution and expression, and how to incorporate them into deliberate practice. All done in a playful way!

- History of parkour
- Story of Seb’s personal journey
- Views on FIG
- Perspective as a Pioneer
- The Seb Foucan Way (Seasonality, Maturity, Grades)
- The importance of play in training

5/11 - Philadelphia, PA (PPK Philly)
5/12 - Emmaus, PA (Parkour Generations Lehigh Valley)
5/13 - Lancaster, PA (Parkour Generations Lancaster)
5/15 - TBA
5/17 - NYC, NY (Brooklyn Zoo)
5/18 - NYC, NY (Brooklyn Zoo)
5/20 - Boston, MA (Parkour Generations Boston)
5/22 - Boulder, CO (Apex Movement)
5/23 - Boulder, CO (Apex Movement)
5/26 - Washington DC (APK, Beast Coast)
5/27 - Washington DC (APK, Beast Coast)

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